Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Homeschool Preschool: Semester Plans

When we first decided to try homeschool preschool, I did a lot of research on schedules and plans.  I think I started with what a scheduled day would look like and what would be covered.  However, before I really started breaking down my days, I needed a plan for the semester.  Each week will have a featured color, shape, number, letter, a math concept, letters we're learning to write, a field trip, and of course a theme.  Numbers were easy to figure out as we will progress numerically for those.  Letters were a lot more difficult.  I came across many different methods of letter introduction, and in particular, the preferred order of introduction.  Every time I thought I decided on what I wanted to do, I would read negative reviews of that method that seemed to make just as much sense as the reasoning for using that method.  After a while of being confused on what to do, I decided to just go alphabetically.  It may not be the most modern method, but it has worked for many years just fine.  In all honesty, I figured I'd do the least amount of harm sticking with the original method.  I have math concepts lined out on my current semester plans, but as I'm starting to plan more of my weekly plans, I feel like these concepts are already changing so we'll see how that goes.  For our handwriting letters, I knew I wanted to use the Handwriting without Tears method, as I've worked with this method before and it makes a lot of sense for me.  As for theme, you know I had to go with Disney, but I also wanted to use the traditional preschool themes a little too, so I have a little of both.  I know for preschool I should probably be simplifying and sticking to one theme completely, but that's not my style and it's my kid.  The advantage of homeschool is that we can do what we want and change it anytime we need to, if it is too much.  That being said, I expect many changes to occur to this schedule, but as of now, here's our semester plans.  

Wk 1: Alice in Wonderland classic & live-action, Littlecjc
           red, circle, 1, A, count 1-10, draw picture of self and introduce Mat Man, visit New Harmony

Wk 2: Beauty and the Beast & Baymax, Body
           yellow, triangle, 2, B, count 1-10, trace a line and draw own line and letter F, CMOE

Wk 3: Cinderella & Cars, Transportation
            blue, square,3, C, 1:1 correlation, letters E & D, Disney/Owensboro Museum

I'll admit this is all I have figured out in full detail yet, so the rest might still change, but here is what I'm working with right now.

Wk 4: Dumbo & 101 Dalmatians, Farm/Circus
           green, rectangle, 4, D, sorting, letters P & B, Lil Rexing Farm

Wk 5: Emperors New Grove & Enchanted, Apples
            black, oval, 5, E, sorting, letters R & N, orchard

Wk 6: Frozen & Finding Dory/ Birthday
           purple, star, 6, F, patterns, letters M & H, party

Wk 7: Good Dinosaur/Fall
            orange, diamond, 7, G, patterns, letters K & L, fall festival

Wk 8: Hercules & Hunchback of Notre Dame/ Leaves
            pink, triangle, 8, H, matching, letters U & V, Wesselman's Woods

Wk 9: Incredibles & Inside Out/ Pumpkins
            white, square, 9, I, matching, letters W & X, Mayse Farm Market

Wk 10: Jungle Book/Monsters
             brown, rectangle, 10, J, direction words, letters Y & Z, zoo

Wk 11: Kim Possible/ Halloween
             black, circle, 11, K, sizes, letters C & O, trick or treating

Wk 12: Little Mermaid & Lilo and Stitch/Ocean
             blue, oval, 12, L, sizes, letters Q & G, Lloyd Pool

Wk 13: Moana & Mary Poppins/Thanksgiving
             brown, star, 13, M, more & less, letters S & A, Thanksgiving

Wk 14: Nightmare Before Christmas & Chronicles of Narnia/ Holidays around the World
             green, diamond, 14, N, sizes, letters I & T, Christmas shopping/Christmas Lights

Wk 15: Christmas Classics/Christmas
             red, triangle, 15, letters J & review

If you homeschool and see anything missing or feel like I should change something up, please let me know in the comments.  

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