Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hello Tuesday

Weekend Recap
Our weekend was pretty laid back this week, thanks in part to the major heatwave that rolled over us this week/weekend.  With the exception of a repeat visit to the Franklin St. Bazaar on Saturday morning, we mostly stayed in the house and the AC.  The bazaar was fun though, even though it wasn't geared towards kids this week.  Littlecjc played with some hula hoops, ate some gelato, and made a necklace while we visited the library.  The bazaar is on the lawns of the library, so they usually offer a craft of some kind for the little ones as well.  This works out great for me, as we were able to return our books and movies and pick up new material to entertain us the rest of the weekend while we stayed inside.

Hello Tuesday
Here's your peek at our week.

As you can see, we have an extended weekend coming up, and I am so excited.  We live about two hours away from Barkley and Kentucky lakes, so we have been visiting here since we were kids.  Last year, we all spent a weekend down there, and I'm so happy that plans worked out for a repeat trip this year.  Littlecjc and I get to travel down on Thursday, and poor dad will maybe join us over the weekend if he's not needed at work. Boating is not really his thing and he's in the middle of a large project at work anyways.   I'm hoping this becomes a new tradition.  My parents and my brother both take their boats and we trade off riding wherever Littlecjc wants.  Usually it's with my brother since he his boat is open in front, which is another reason I've been so happy to get out on the river twice so far with my parents.  I have a feeling they will get a little ignored while on the water this weekend.  Hopefully next week I'll actually get this post done on Monday, and I will tell you all about it.

Hello Fair
This week is the local county 4H fair.  Although I was never actually in 4H when I was a kid, I did always have a season pass for fair week.  Honestly, I'm a little surprised I wasn't a member, but I know we were involved with so much as kids and I don't really remember any friends from school being involved.  However, none of my friends really lived out in the country like we did either.  Anyway, I always loved the fair and I couldn't wait to share that with Littlecjc.  I of course have taken her to the fair before, but I don't think we made it out there last year for whatever reason, so she was pretty young last time and didn't remember it at all.  Because of scheduling, we actually visited the fair already last night.  Littlecjc spotted the rides before we even entered the grounds.  I was surprised at how well she behaved around them really.  Since she's used to Disney where you can ride anything, and here you had to pay for tickets.  Although we walked around the rides many times, she only rode the giant slide and the little dragon coaster.

With the rides out of the way, we were able to eat some food while Littlecjc watched part of the dog show.  Unfortunately it was just getting started so there wasn't really a lot to watch yet, but it was enough to entertain her while we ate.  We then made our way to the animal barns, where the baby pigs were by far the favorite.  Littlecjc stood here for a long time watching these little ones saying "ahh, so cute."

When we finally left the swine barn, Littlecjc was saying "ducks" and heading off in the other direction.  She had mentioned this earlier and we said yes since we were thinking of real ducks which were in the next barn.  Littlecjc, however, was thinking of the pick a duck game that she had spotted up by the rides.  After finally realizing this, we convinced her to look at the last animal barn before heading back and playing the game.  With her new prizes in hand, we were then able to get some ice cream and head to the grandstand for some motorcycle races.

This was the best thing all night in Littlcjc's opinion.  She loved watching the dust and riders fly through the air.  She mentioned that some of the riders looked like power rangers.  When we finally convinced her to leave the arena, we had to take a final ride on the dragon before we could head home.

  As we asked her about her night on the way home, I was surprised to hear that her favorite part of the night was the pigs and the "bicycle racers."  I was sure she would have said the ride, but I was really happy with her answer.  

Hello Binge List
I'm still working on Parenthood here, but I thought I'd confess that I did binge watch the new Netflix series The Worst Witch over the weekend.  This show reminded us so much of Harry Potter, that Patrick couldn't hardly watch it.  I, on the other hand, really enjoyed it for that reason, but now I just want to have a HP marathon.

Hello New Reads
I finally finished The Nest yesterday, and I have to say I was a little disappointed.  I felt like this book took so long telling everyone's stories and then when something finally started happening it just dumped the ending too quickly.  I almost felt like the author just decided one day she was ready to finish the story, so she provided the quickest way possible of  doing just that.  I also finished The Wonder this week, which had a much better ending, in my opinion.  This book made me angry, sad, and happy all while throwing a few twist in my face.  Always a good make for a book!  With all the books on my phone finished, I downloaded Marissa Meyer's Heartless yesterday, but I honestly haven't even started it yet.  I enjoyed her Cinder series last year though, so I'm looking forward to what I'm guessing will be another guilty pleasure.

That's all for now,

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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