Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Show and Tell: What's on your Phone

This week, Andrea prompted us to share what is on our phone.  First of all, I should probably update my photos.  After taking these screenshots and slowing down to look at my phone, I may have to clean it out and update some things, including this picture from last October.  That smile always makes me smile, though.

That being said, let's dive in.  Here's my home screen.

Mostly what I imagine most people have on their homescreen: email, pinterest, facebook, instagram, snapchat, photos and app store.  I also have the my disney experience app right here ready to be used whether I'm planning a current trip or dreaming about being "home."  The colornote app is another one that could probably be moved, as I haven't used it in a while.  I do like having this space on my phone though, where I can take a quick note if I need to, but I no longer use it daily tracking toddler words for instance as I did when I first placed it here.  The app you may not be familiar with it the one that says Kingdoms.  This is a game called Disney Magic Kingdoms and I have to admit, I use this probably more than anything else on my phone.  I am totally sucked in to this game and I am fully aware of how much time I waste here, but I love it.  

My next screen is my calendar.  I use this all the time and love that I don't have to open it, but instead it is always here.

My next screen has more health and personal interest apps.  The timer and endomondo are used for running and hiking.  Overdrive is the app that my local library uses for digital downloads so I use this app often when listening to my audiobooks.  The EVPL to Go app is my local library.  We use our library a lot and I love that I can search for books here to know which branch to visit, check their hours (since each branch is different I can't ever remember,) and see what events are going on.  I haven't used my fitness pal or the food planner in a while, but I probably should start using them again, or at least my fitness pal.  I think everything else is pretty standard here, except maybe goodreads.  I love this app for tracking all the books I read and all I want to read.  I'm also in a group here for a yearly reading challenge.  I'm not very active in the group, but I love the challenge that they present to us.

My next page becomes a little more random.  CFC is my church and we get updates here including closings due to snow in the winter.  My most frequented shopping pages: Disney Store, Disney Parks, Etsy, and Cartwheel.  Mouse Perks is an app that has all the current Disney Annual Passholder discounts listed so it's convenient while on property.  Rest Stops is a simple, yet convenient app to  know how close you are to a rest stop, which has come in handy the last few trips to Florida with a toddler.  A few games are here, that I periodically open maybe once every few months.  And of course, the ESPN app used during football and basketball season for checking scores and the tournament challenge app used once a year during march madness.

My current final page right now has a few more random games that I very rarely open.  Usually this page is filled up with the baby panda games that my daughter likes to download and play for two seconds before being prompted to try a different baby panda game.  It doesn't take long for these apps to overwhelm my phone and I recently went through and deleted them all.

That's it.  Nothing really out of the ordinary apps that everyone else probably has, with the exception of the Disney apps.  Admittedly, you probably already have those apps though, or else you have no need for them.

Do you have a great app to share?  Join the fun and share what's on your phone.

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