Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: Pete's Dragon

"There's magic in the woods" - Meacham

It may be wrong to quote Disney and use a picture from Universal, but I'm doing it anyway. This is from 2010 and my first visit to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Hello Monday

Weekend Recap

We had such a fun end of last week/weekend.  Thursday evening, Patrick's parents came in town and we all went to the Blake Shelton concert, sans Littlecjc of course.  We had amazing seats right near the stage and Blake sang all my favorite classics as well as his new hits.  It was so much fun.  The show started with Sundance Kid, who I didn't know much about other than he was on The Voice, but he had a great voice.

Then, Raelynn had her turn on stage.  I knew more of her songs, but I will tell you, this girl is going to make it and be around for a while.  She is definitely an entertainer.  She had the crowd going just like any headliner would.

Here's just a few of the pictures I took from our amazing seats of Blake.

Here's a video for your viewing pleasure of the final song (pre-encore) of all three performers together.


On Friday, Patrick and I went to an early showing of the new Beauty and the Beast.  I absolutely loved this film.  I think Disney did an amazing job at adapting and updating this film.  All the classic scenes were there, but they weren't just copied.  They were made their own.  This film also provides more background and new songs which gave it something special.  The cast was great.  While keeping with a lot of the original dialog and songs, they were able to give the characters more depth.  As a musical person, I also really appreciated the arrangements of the classic songs.  Great job Disney!  I really look forward to what you do next.  I know I always do, but I didn't get nearly the same feeling from the live-action Cinderella they previously did.

Friday night, Patrick's family was all at our house for some games and of course basketball.  With March Madness this weekend, we had two TVs set up in our living room so Patrick could watch as much of all the games as possible.  Once his parents left on Saturday, the rest of the weekend was extremely lazy.  Patrick continued to watch more basketball, while I finally finished "Dragonfly in Amber."  Littlecjc caught up on some sleep and took a good nap both Saturday and Sunday.

Hello Monday
Here's a look at the week ahead.

This week we will be watching a double-feature of Pete's Dragon.  Another great adaptation of a Disney classic.  It's actually been a long time since I've seen the original, so I'm really looking forward to watching these films.  The week in general seems like an average week for us.  However, we may make a weekend trip up to Patrick's parents, depending on his cousin's that might be coming into town.

Hello Insanity Max 30, Week 2
Week 1 kicked my bottom, but I survived.  I was so sore, since this workout is so different from the T25 workouts, but I was happy with what I accomplished.  I admit that I missed Thursday's workout, so hopefully this week will be better.

Hello Whole30, Week 3
I will finish week 2 of my Whole30 journey tomorrow, but I am apparently past the hardest days.  My hardest day so far was Saturday, day 11, which is one of the two most common days to quit.  On this evening, I had my first Whole30 meal flop.  I tried fixing a BBQ chicken casserole.  It didn't really look like the picture much, but I tried giving it a fair shot.  It was kind of okay, but I definitely didn't go back for seconds and ended up tossing most of the casserole into the trash.  I think this was part of my problem this evening.  Since I didn't really have a full dinner, I just wanted to snack on everything.  With the exception of the compliant Larabar I gave into, I held true to the program.  I didn't take as many pictures this week, but here's some of what I've been eating.

Hello Menu
Last week's menu got shifted and altered some, so the steak fajita and balsamic chicken and veggies are going to happen this week instead.

Monday - Buffalo Chicken and Broccoli with sweet potato
Tuesday - Steak fajita lettuce wrap
Wednesday - Meatloaf, brussels sprouts
Thursday - Garlic Chicken Margarita with cauliflower rice
Friday - Sausage pizza twice baked sweet potato
Saturday - Balsamic chicken and veggies
Sunday - Fish, sweet potato, brussels sprouts, apple

Hello New Book
I finally finished Dragonfly in Amber.  Although the middle of this one got a little slow for me, it finished strong and now I'm so anxious to start the next book in the series, Voyager, to see what happens next.  I also haven't finished Uprooted yet, since I basically ignored that one to finish the other book.  So now I really need to finish that one up this week.

Hello Binge List
While I'm still working on Gossip Girls, there are so many new things that I also want to watch right now.  Since I finally finished the second Outlander book, I'm now ready for the second season of that series.  Netflix also dropped the final season of Vampire Diaries this weekend.  This is a series that I definitely binged on last fall/winter so I'm interested to see how the series ends.  I've also been wanting to give Parenthood another chance lately and just the other day, I came across Nashville at the library when for some reason I didn't think it was available to me.  So many shows, and so little time.

Hello Disney Shirts
As our next Disney trip is getting closer, I really need to start making our shirts this week.  For Christmas, I got a Cricut cutting machine from my parents.  So far, I've mostly just used it to make cards.  I did make a few fun towels at Christmas, but I guess I'm a little intimidated to start on my first shirts.  I have designed 4 sets of shirts for our trip on the cricut design space and now all the vinyl and shirts have come in and I still haven't started actually making the shirts.  This is the week that changes.  I need to start those shirts this week.

Now Bring it on
I'm not off to a great start, since it's after noon already, but I got this.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Beauty and the Beast take 2

This past weekend, we prepped for the new Beauty and the Beast movie by watching the original.  For some reason, Littlecjc was very persistent that she didn't want to watch this movie.  So, I needed to be sneaky putting this movie in and as I figured, as soon as the movie started, she was glued.  She says she liked the fire and clock guy!  If you're looking for dinner ideas to go with the movie, you should probably check out my post from last year when when we had the same dinner theme.  You can find that post here.  This year's dinner wasn't nearly as exciting since I've started the Whole30 program.  We fixed pork chops, roasted potatoes, and green beans.  Unfortunately, no dessert or movie snack this year.

It was still a fun evening, but I think I will definitely need to fix some grey stuff when I'm finished with my Whole30.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

"Not so" Wordless Wednesday: Darby O'Gill and the Little People

"Singin's no sin & Drinkin's no crime" - King Brian

This week, Deb is ready for the new Beauty and the Beast movie (as well as everyone else,) and she shared pictures from the Be Our Guest restaurant inside Magic Kingdom.  We love this restaurant as well.  We've been a few times for lunch and really enjoy it.  The atmosphere is fun, the food is fast (once you order) and it's yummy and just a little different than your average quick-service meal.  We've never been for dinner, so we haven't met the Beast yet, but on our upcoming trip we've got an early reservation so we can try the breakfast.   Honestly, I'm more excited about the 8:00 reservation than the actual location/food even though I'm sure it will be good.  You really can't beat getting into the park before it opens though.  

 Merging Deb's idea and my quote of the week, I'd like to share one of my family's new favorites.  Gaston's Tavern!

We love this LeFou's Brew, especially on a warm day.  Here's the description from Disney: Frozen Apple Juice with a hint of Toasted Marshmallow and topped with All-Natural Passion Fruit-Mango Foam.  We've gotten it with and without the foam, and really you can't go wrong either way.  We usually get one for the family and share it since it is pretty sweet.  If you choose to stay outside the tavern with your drink/snack, you can sit around this fountain, which my little one loves.  (In all honesty, she loves all water.)  If your timing works out, you can be entertained by Gaston himself even if the line is too long to actually meet him yourself.  (As a bonus, there are also restrooms nearby, so it suites everyone in our family to rest here for a minute.)

If you choose to sit inside, there is a small room to the right that is amazing to take in.  Gaston's big throne chair is there and you can even sit in it.  I thought we did this, but I can't seem to find any pictures.  Plus, check out this ginormous cinnamon roll!

If you can manage to look past the big, yummy cinnamon roll, you can see they also serve bottled apple juice here.  Stops that sell those have been crucial for us the past few trips since my weird kid refuses to drink water.  Although this place is a little small, if you hit it at a somewhat off time, this side room can seem almost empty, making it a great place to rest and enjoy a little downtime.  Even if it is busy, it's a great spot for a quick grab and go.

What quick service places do you enjoy?

Focused on the Magic

Monday, March 13, 2017

Hello Monday

Weekend Recap
I am so grateful that I have family that lives in town.  We woke up Saturday morning and decided we would take Littlecjc to the cheap theater to watch Sing!  I sent out a text to Grandma and her aunt and uncle, and everyone was able to join us.  She had a little trouble staying in her seat, but she loved the music.  We had so much fun watching little one dance around in her seat and even in front of it.  She left the theater singing "Shake it off."  Besides a trip to the library after the movie, this was the excitement of our weekend.  On Sunday, we made it to church and then did some car maintenance by getting an oil change and going through the car wash.  Otherwise the only thing we did Sunday was clean up the house.  It's kind of sad, but I guess this has become our new schedule; cleaning the house on the weekend.

Hello Monday
This week isn't super exciting in the bullet journal, but what do you expect? It's St. Patrick's Day week, so it's another repeat Disney Dinner since you have to watch this classic every year.  It's Darby O'Gill and the Little People.

Hello Blake Shelton, Grandma, and Grandpa
Thursday night, Blake Shelton is in town and it's going to be a family event.  My in-laws love Blake Shelton, so we got them tickets to this concert for Christmas and Patrick's sister and her husband are going along too.  I would say that this event is another reason this week's quote is appropriate, but since I started Whole30 last week, I guess I will be the one driving this time around.  Since my mother-in-law works in a school, this week happens to be her spring break.  This works out well since they wouldn't be able to drive home after the show anyway.  So, they have decided to board the dog and they will be staying with us a few days.  (Another reason we tried to clean house this weekend.  Even though it only takes a few minutes for Littlecjc to wreck it.)

Hello Insanity Max 30
Last week was our last week with the T25 program.  I'm so happy that I finished the program.  Yes, I admit that I did skip a few days of workout, but I still completed the schedule, mostly.  We only have 6 weeks before our upcoming Disney trip, so we won't be able to complete any of the programs that we currently have, but Patrick was wanting to get back into some of the Max 30 workouts so this is what we are starting.  I didn't really remember these workouts, so I just previewed today's workout and I have a feeling I'm going to be doing a lot more modifying than I've been doing the last few weeks.  I was so happy with how little modifications I was making during the second moth of T25, but it seems like Max30 is a lot more cardio intense.  Then again, today's workout is called Cardio Challenge, so maybe the others won't be quite as bad.  Either way, a modified workout is still way better than no workout.  This just gives me something new to work for.

Hello Whole30, Week 2
On Wednesday, I will start my second week of the Whole30 program.  The program includes a mental timeline to help you prepare and be ready for what's about to hit you.  Within this first week, they tell you to expect "the hangover," where you will likely experience headaches and feel a little like you're hungover.  Luckily, I didn't really experience this too much.  Next I was expecting to want to "kill all the things."  Again, I didn't really experience this one either.  I did maybe a little on Saturday afternoon/evening after the movie.  I was fine at the movie when everyone was eating their popcorn and candy, but afterwards I was hungry when everyone else wasn't.  I should have packed one of the compliant Larabars that they suggest using in emergencies, because we stopped by a dollar store filled with candy, which is when I got snappy.  I was fine again, when we got home and we fixed some dinner.  Today and tomorrow, the timeline says I'll "just want to nap."  Well, so far this morning I still feel good, but I'm sure I'll be toast after that new workout.

So what have I been eating this past week?  A lot of eggs and potatoes for one thing, but surprisingly, I'm not tired of them yet.  Another go-to is of course a salad.   

This week, I'm expected to experience possible bloating as my stomach finishes adjusting to the lack of sugar.  Day 10 and 11 are apparently the hardest days since this is when most people quit the program.  And then apparently, I may start dreaming of junk food.  I think I'm ok with that.  As long as I can get past day 11.

Hello Menu
A good aspect of Whole30, I didn't eat out once this past weekend.  I did eat out on Monday and Tuesday last week when we were out of town, but since starting Whole30 on Wednesday, I've eaten at home for every meal, which is a nice change.  Since I started Whole30 on a Wednesday, Monday and Tuesday this week were already planned, so I'm still working out the details of this week's menu, but here's the current plan.

Monday - buffalo chicken stuffed pepper, guacomoli
Tuesday - tilapia, sweet potato, brussel sprouts
Wednesday - balsamic chicken and vegetables
Thursday - steak fajita (in lettuce for me)
Friday - BBQ casserole chicken
Saturday - leftovers?
Sunday - Dublin Coddle

Hello Repeat Books and Binges
I didn't finish my audio book, Uprooted, last week, so I'm still working on that this week.  I'm also embarrassed to admit, but I'm still working on Dragonfly in Amber, as my current physical book.  So, I'm definitely not starting any new books this week, and hopefully I'll finish at least one if not both of these this week.  As for my binge watching, I'm making good progress on Gossip Girl, but with 6 full seasons, it still takes a while.  So, nothing new here either.  Probably a good thing on both accounts with our busy week ahead.

Hello Snow?
I thought we had a chance of snow today, but that it wasn't going to amount to anything.  I guess the roads may be too warm to do damage in that regard, but the largest snowflake have been falling the entire time I've been writing this post.  The grass is mostly covered already, and the roof across the street is completely covered.  I would take a picture for you, if a certain little one hasn't stolen my phone this morning to play her games.  Looking outside, I'm sure glad there's no where I have to be today.

Now Bring it ON
I think that is all for this morning, so bring on the week.

Happy Monday, everyone!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Robin Hood

Last weekend, our Disney dinner was Robin Hood.  What else could I possibly fix besides beef stew?  We had some cornbread to go with it and had a laid-back evening.  We kept it simple, just the way I like it.  It was fun sharing this classic with Littlecjc.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: Beauty and the Beast

How appropriate that today is International Women's Day and Deb has chosen this as our topic today?  This week is Beauty and the Beast in our house and Belle is one of the strongest female characters I know.  I thought I would share some photos of the female ruler of our house with some of our favorite female characters.

Focused on the Magic