Monday, March 6, 2017

Hello Monday

 Weekend Recap

While I would like to say that we had a nice, laid-back weekend, I have to add that it was with a heavy heart.  On Friday, Patrick's uncle died after a very long battle with cancer.  Even though we knew he was most likely in his final battle and he is now in a much more peaceful place, it does not make this news any easier to take in.  We therefore spent some time on Saturday making travel plans for the funeral.  The rest of the day was spent doing laundry, working in my bullet journal, and ordering supplies to make shirts for our upcoming Disney trips.  (More to come on that later!)

On Sunday, we did get out.  We started with church and a few errands.  In the afternoon, we invited Grandma to join us at the local zoo.  We are big fans of our local zoo, which is only about a mile up the road from our house.  Our zoo may not be amazing by big city standards, but it is really nice for the size of our city.  They have fun animals and great staff members that truly love the animals and therefore sharing information about them.  Since Littlecjc was just a few months old, we've been members there and enjoy walking around and visiting all the animals.  Since we took Grandma with us this time, Patrick and I might as well have not even gone, because Littlecjc literally ran from animal to animal showing Grandma everything.  They were the leaders and we were told to stay in back.

Hello Monday
If you've followed me from the beginning or done any research of past blogs, you know that this week is technically a Disney dinner repeat week.  However, with Beauty and the Beast opening next weekend, there was really no choice as to what would be this week's theme.  Here's your peek.

You may notice several crossed out items for Monday and Tuesday.  With our change of plans, we will be on the road both days  now so obviously, my plans changed.

Hello Whole30
You may also notice from the picture above, I decided to start Whole30.  I originally planned to start on Monday, but again, with being on the road, I pushed it back to Wednesday.  I have my first week of meals planned out and I'm almost ready to start.  I started some of my bujo prep this weekend.

This is me going public, so I can now check that box.  On Tuesday, regardless of what time we get back in town, I will need to take my measurements and photos.  As you can see, one of the guidelines of the program is to hide your scale until all 30 days are complete.  Well, Patrick has agreed to eat whatever I fix for dinner, but he has no interest in participating in the full process.  Therefore, I will not be hiding the scale so I'm going to need extra willpower to stay off of it.  I also need to add a few more pages with my meal plans, shopping list, room for reflection, etc.  I'm sure you'll hear more about this journey as it progresses.

Hello Meal Plan
I won't get into full Whole30 meal details here, but like always I'll share what's for dinner this week.  Let's hope this week I do better at following the schedule or else I'll be in trouble.

Monday and Tuesday - we will be on the road
Wednesday - taco potato
Thursday - tomato basil chicken with spaghetti squash
Friday - meatloaf pepper rings
Sat - balsamic chicken and veggies
Sun - Caramel apple pork chops

Hello New Reads
Last week, I did finish Lauren Grahams Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls and Everything in Between.  This book was a fun, quick read that I would recommend to any Gilmore fan.  It really made me want to re-watch the entire series even though I had just watched them all this past fall.  So, what's on the plan for this week?  Well, I have already downloaded the audiobook Uprooted by Naomi Novik, but I haven't even opened it yet.

Hello Binge List
You'll notice the word "new" is missing in the title above.  I don't remember what day it was last week, but I was looking for something to watch and might have made a mistake.  In the past, Patrick has gotten upset that I start watching certain shows without him.  So, I was afraid to start anything new thinking "what if he wants to watch this one too?"  Instead, I thought "Hey, I'll just start re-watching Gossip Girls since I can just listen to it and not really pay attention to it since I've seen it all before."  Ha!  This is why it's called a binge list.  I'm completely sucked back in and almost half-way through the second season already.

Now Bring it on
I think that's it for this Monday, and now it's time to take action.

Happy Monday everyone!

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