Tuesday, March 1, 2016

To Infinity and Beyond

After CJC's big frozen first party, I wasn't sure we were going to even have a party for her second birthday.  We were in the process of selling our house and buying a new one, and I just wasn't sure I could take it on at the time.  When my mother heard this, she suggested our family just coming over for dinner.  I get my party planning naturally from her, so she of course couldn't just serve dinner, there had to be a theme.  

At this time, CJC loved Toy Story, and in particular Buzz Lightyear.  I didn't make a connection at the time, but I guess this was appropriate giving the upcoming move.  My mom talked about getting CJC something to wear, so I shared with her my current thoughts on a Buzz Halloween costume I was debating on making since Halloween is a month after CJC's birthday.  It was just a simple tutu skirt, but my mom took it to the next level.

Like I said, it was pretty simple, a tutu skirt, a felt collar, and the wings were made out of cardboard, painted and tied together and worn with ribbon and elastic.  Super simple, super cute.

The cake was actually really simple too.  Easy cake with Kit-Kats around the sides and chocolate candies on top.  This looked great for pictures, and Charlie loved the toy Buzz topper.

The toy that actually started this whole theme.  Charlie loved this galactic shooter in the store, so of course my mom got it for her birthday saying it completed her costume for Halloween.  Charlie had so much fun playing with it, and my family is great for playing along!

I hope this gives you a little inspiration for your next Disney party.

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  1. Cutest Buzz Lightyear I've ever seen and so simple.