Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Disney Dinner Night - Week #6 Enchanted

This week, we hosted Easter at our house twice, and we were dealing with sickness.  Needless to say, we hadn't really planned on having a Disney dinner this week.  We spent Saturday morning preparing for our guest.  Although I was mostly in the kitchen all morning, Patrick and Littlecjc spent the morning cleaning the house while dancing around to music.  After our fun visit with family and our huge lunch, Patrick suggested we just take advantage of the nice weather and grill out some hot dogs for dinner.  This was about the time I realized we were having an impromptu Disney dinner.  My preplanned itinerary for the movie Enchanted was to clean the house while dancing around and our meal plan was hot dogs.  I of course thought I would add to these plans when we had decided on this movie night, but I guess impromptu evenings can be fun as well.

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