Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Make it Pink, Make it Blue

Disney Dinner Night - Week # 3 Sleeping Beauty

This week was all about the color, make it pink, make it blue.  It was another simple week, but that turned out to be great because we planned a last minute road trip for the following morning.  So, we had breakfast again but this time it was actually dinner.  We fixed some sausage and funfetti pancakes and then chose our pink (or red strawberries) or blue toppings.  We also had pink milk, which little CJC declared was yuck.

For our snacking pleasure during the movie, we had pink and blue cupcakes.

We didn't really have a lot of extra activities planned, but we all slept in the basement instead of our beds.  We recently bought a new to us house from some very close friends, and they left us a couch in the basement that has a hide-a-bed.  Little CJC did not know that there was a bed in the couch, and she thought it was awesome.  We also all wore our pajamas to watch the movie, even if she was the only one in princess pjs.

As we got ready to start the movie, I guess CJC decided that she needed extra padding.  She put her own "pull out" couch on top of ours.

In all honesty, we must have been pretty tired this week, because even though we didn't do that much, we all struggled to stay awake for the movie.  I guess it was fitting for the theme!

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