Monday, June 19, 2017

Hello Monday

Weekend Update

We survived our first 5K!  On Saturday, Littlecjc ran the first race, the Lil Dutch Run.  She was so excited for her race, she marched and did warm-up runs on our way there.

She was in the 1-3 year old group, which was adorable on its own.  They were all standing on the line where they were led in a few warm-ups.  There was a guy with an air horn that started to tell the kids that that he was going to say "ready, set" and then blow the horn, but as soon as he said "set," some of the kids started running.  Littlecjc was hesitant at first, but then she took off.  She ran all the way to finish line at full force and definitely would have won if that was the actual race.  Unfortunately, by the time I got her back to the start line, they were already starting the official race and she was so confused, she slowly ran the second time just taking in everything.  Thank goodness, she didn't care and just loves to run.  She thought it was great!

After they finished with all the kid races, it was time for the official Laftenfest 5K run.  I pushed Littlecjc in the jogging stroller for the first mile, and then Patrick took over for the rest.  We started off a little too strong for me and I struggled a little towards the end.  At about 2.5 miles, Patrick decided to take off and leave mom and me behind.  I ended up giving in and walked for a little bit, but then ended up passing mom right at the end.  I ended up with an official time of 31:50!  So, I didn't make it under 30, but I was still happy.

Saturday night, we went to another German festival in a neighboring town where Clayton Anderson was performing.  We really like his music, and he's from the same hometown as Patrick so anytime he performs near home, we usually try to go.  I had a lot of fun and Littlecjc had some really cute moments of dancing with me, but she also had some horrible meltdowns when she decided she would rather be at the playground than in front of the stage.  After only an hour, she decided she wanted to go home, and we were done fighting her.

On Sunday, I spent all afternoon in bed not feeling great.  I still don't know why I didn't feel good, but I feel better today so I guess it doesn't really matter.  Sunday evening, we went down to my parent's camper for dinner since it was Father's Day.  My parents had a new toy work bench that Littlecjc loved.  I got this cute picture of her working with Papaw.

Hello Monday
Here's your peek at this week.

Trail Tuesday and Wet & Wild Wednesday are on schedule again this week, but otherwise, nothing special is going on.

Hello Binge List
The next season of Jane the Virgin has come out and I'm making my way through it rather quickly.  If you watch this show, wow, there are some major game changers this season so far, and I'm curious to see where it goes now.

I don't know if it's the nicer weather or what, but I've been really slow on my reading lately which is why there haven't been any new books to post about the last few weeks.  I really need to get back into the two I've got going right now.

I also need to get back into a regular schedule for working out and eating healthier meals.Which first means I need to sign off here, so I can make a grocery list and head to the store so that I can get off to a good start.

Happy Monday Everyone!

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