Thursday, June 8, 2017

A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo, & Pirates of the Caribbean

A Bug's Life

Last week, our themed dinner was A Bug's Life.  I had all kinds of cute ideas for this week, but when the day finally got here, my family had other ideas.  I had planned on "ant hill" hamburgers, but I didn't make that clear and Patrick melted cheese on all of them.  It of course was tastier this way, and I sprinkled some pepper on top, imagining that they were ants.  Littlecjc declared that she wanted mac and cheese, so I told myself they looked like Slim.  Since I had already changed one side, I decided to keep it simple and add peas, or Flik's seeds, since I knew my daughter would actually eat them.

For dessert, I went with the obvious and made dirt pudding.  I intended to pick up some oreos to sprinkle ontop, but with the menu change, I decided not to go to the store just for oreos

Since I haven't been super creative lately, I've been slacking on sharing.  I guess I should catch you up on the last two weeks that I've missed.

Finding Nemo

Two weeks ago, our theme was Finding Nemo.  We had so much fun this weekend getting outside with our water fun, that our meal took the back seat.

Since my daughter will only eat cold hot dogs, I simply cut a hot dog which Littlecjc instantly recognized as an octopus.  I also made mac and cheese, our anemone, and threw some goldfish in as if it were their home.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Going even one more week back, we had a marathon of Pirates movie in preparation of the new release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.  Again, we could have been more elaborate, but ended up having a busy weekend, so I left it simple.

We had cannonball meatballs, gold treasure corn, and strawberry swords.

I've learned whether it's a fancy meal or not, Littlecjc likes my effort.  However, you never know what she's actually going to eat so sometimes the easier the better.

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