Friday, June 16, 2017

Day 3, April 2017

Our third day of our April trip, was a restful day.  We chose not to go to a park this day and instead started our morning at Winter Summerland Miniature Golf.  We love playing mini golf at Disney, and no trip there is complete without at least one round, whether we play on property or off with local friends.  We hadn't been to this course in years, since we usually go to Fantasia Gardens, and we were eager to remember this course.  Here you're given the choice of playing a summer course or winter course, and Littlecjc chose summer for us.

Hole 1 - Littlecjc had to show Grandma where the whole was (this continued for every whole.)

Hole 2 - Patrick decided to teach Littlecjc some proper technique.

Hole 3 - Littlecjc was excited by the double hole and had to run quick to watch her ball come out.

Hole 4 - Littlecjc tried this one all by herself.  Of course her ball got stuck on that bridge causing her to get wet by the spitting fish on both sides of the bridge, before asking Daddy for help (who also got wet, might I add.)

Hole 5 - A simple whole with surfboards!

Hole 6 - Surprisingly, those moving clam shells didn't cause any problems for Littlecjc.

Hole 7 - Another simple hole with sand pails as an obstacle.

Hole 8 - We seem to have an interesting putt by this time.

Hole 9 - The iconic sand castle.  We of course needed to pose in front for a picture

Hole 10 - This downhill Goofy whole was great for little ones.

Hole 11 - I normally say my little one isn't really scared of anything.  True, she's never been scared on any Disney rides or anything, but she was a little frightened, or maybe just confused by this whole.  The story is that Santa is buried in the sand and fell asleep so you're suppose to go over his belly.  The scary part was that he's snoring.  We had to point out that it wasn't really Santa under the sand and that the sound was coming out of a speaker in the cooler.  She finally hit her ball over Santa, but was sure to steer clear of him when she walked to the other side of the hole.

Hole 12 - Similar to the last whole, but with no sound and buried elves instead of Santa.  Littlecjc didn't seem to like this whole any better.

Hole 13 - Littlecjc was so happy that she spotted Olaf

Hole 14 - Littlecjc was mesmerized by this pole that moved her ball up to the top before dropping it out.  I'm pretty sure her ball went up this pole twice if not three times.

Hole 15 - I was shocked that Littlecjc got her ball to go through this ribbon.

Hole 16 - She was starting to play by her own rules at this point. 

Hole 17 - The most exciting hole on the course in my opinion.  Littlecjc loved the train, and her ball somehow got stuck so that it moved all around the tree before she could pick it up and throw it in the hole.

Hole 18 - This hole really made me laugh, since it seems so outdated by it's huge computer.  However, Littlecjc still thought the message that Santa delivered via the screen was pretty neat.

After we finished playing, we of course had to take some fun photos.

When we finally left Winter Summerland, we decided to head to Disney Springs for some lunch.  We first did a little shopping at Pin Traders, where Littlecjc thought Daisy needed to where her lanyard.  This seems to be one of those places, that we always get a picture and we can see how much our little girl has grown between trips.

We made a quick stop into the toy store where Grandma and Littlecjc played with a potato head.  It's not a bad deal, as you can pick your own pieces (whatever fits in the potato head) where many of them are Disney themed.  However, we did not purchase one, just entertained little one while Daddy shopped.

We didn't intend to make a stop at the Lego Store, but Littlecjc had other plans.

Once we finally made it out of the Lego Store, we grabbed lunch at Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza.  Littlecjc loves pizza and this stop was no different.  We all thought it was yummy!

After finishing our delicious lunch, we made our way back to the hotel to swim in the pool.  Littlecjc had been asking to go swimming every day, so this was her chance. 

Our evening, was devoted to our friends.  They had invited us over for dinner and we could not wait to spend some time with them.  Littlecjc of course fell asleep in the car on the way there, so she had a nice nap while we first caught up with our friends. 

When she did wake up, I got the only picture I took of any of our friends, as she played with Littlecjc.  They had so much fun riding in their "boat."

The entire evening was a blast and the whole day was great, even though we weren't at the parks.  We maybe didn't rest as much as we should have for a "rest day," but we didn't mind at all.

What do you do on your non-park days?

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