Monday, February 13, 2017

Hello Monday

Well, with me still recovering from sickness, this weekend was pretty laid back.  Our big excitement was cleaning.  Our guest bedroom never gets used, so it has kind of become a clutter room where those items without proper homes just get stashed away there.  Patrick had an old magic band that had been missing for a long time that he couldn't find anywhere.  After cleaning through almost every room in the house, I finally looked through his junk drawer that he stated he had already gone through and lo and behold there I found it.

Hello Monday
Here's your peek at this week's layout and plans.

As you can see, it's Frozen week.  My thought was I needed to get to this movie while it was still cold so that there was at least a chance of snow.  However, we've been having an unusually warm winter this year with no real snow and I don't think there's any chance of seeing any this week either.

Hello Consignment Sale
If you've read my last show and tell, you know that I take advantage of two local consignment sales during spring and fall.  The first of the two is taking place this week.  I've signed up to volunteer tonight during drop off where I will likely be sorting through the clothes coming in deciding if anything needs to be turned away due to stains, tears, or such wear.  I always volunteer at these sales, because the volunteers shop first, which makes a big difference in what you can find to take home.

Hello Daddy Daughter Dance
Not only do Patrick and Littlecjc get there quality time while I'm at the sales this week, but they are also going to their first dance together Friday night.  Our church is hosting the event and I can't wait to see them off and then hear all about it when they get back home.

Hello "New" Books
I did get my hands on Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon, the second in the Outlander series and was able to start it this weekend.  However, it's even bigger than the first book, so I'm sure it will take me a while to get through it.  I also started Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater but haven't gotten that far yet.  
Hello Binge List Add-ons
I also was able to get Outlander: Season 1, Volume 1 and of course made it through all 8 episodes very quickly.  I'm looking forward to starting Season 1, Volume 2 today.

Hello Menu Plan
Well, last week was awful in following a plan, as I didn't even try.  Here's to hoping this week is better.

Monday - Potato Soup
Tuesday - Spaghetti, Meatballs, green beans
Wednesday - Crockpot Chicken Teriyaki with rice
Thursday - Tilapia, broccoli, carrots
Friday - Mongolian Beef with rice, peas - new recipe

I should know better than putting a new recipe on Friday, but we will see.

Hello Valentine's Day
It's hard to believe I've written this entire post and not mentioned that Valentine's Day is this week.  It's normal that we don't make a big deal of this holiday, but this year in particular, we've agreed not to get each other anything since we just got our annual passes to Disney World.  However, we are expecting a package that day from the shop disney parks app from a sale they just had.  So, I guess we have one more joint gift expected that day after all.

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