Saturday, April 8, 2017


I know I'm late posting our movie night this week, but I did actually make ratatouille.  It may have been a week late, but here it is.

I'm really proud of myself for this one, even though this dish isn't too complicated to make, it just takes some time.  I also really enjoyed this dish and was a little surprised.  Patrick and I both agreed, though, that we're not really fans of eggplant.  I ate mine, just wasn't crazy about it, but I noticed that Patrick left most of his in his bowl.  I probably will never make this again, unless I need a veggie side for a party or something, because it made a lot and Patrick was really missing his protein.  I offered to make him something to go with it, but he said he'd be fine (and then continued to snack the rest of the evening.)

Littlecjc was already asleep this evening when we ate, so we didn't watch the movie, but we definitely need to within the next day or two.  Patrick apparently does not remember this one, since he asked, "so this is what the rat makes in the movie?"  I have to admit I was a little dumbfounded at this and asked him why he thought it was called Ratatouille, in which he informed me that he thought that was the rats name.  Lol, yea, we're definitely watching this movie soon.

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