Monday, April 3, 2017

Hello Monday

Weekend Recap
We had a great weekend! We traveled the two hours north to visit with Patrick's family.  While we were only there Friday evening and all day Saturday, we were able to visit with our cousins, both grandma's, and of course Patrick's parents. On Friday night, Patrick and I were fortunate enough to get out for a little date night when we went to see the new Power Rangers movie.  Going to the movies always makes me laugh in Patrick's home town.  They actually have two theaters, but both are so small, that most nights the same worker that you buy your ticket from is the same person running the concessions.  Granted, we were at the 10:10 showing, but here is was opening weekend and we had a private viewing.  In fact, we had to go ask the workers to turn on the projector when the audio of the previews started and nothing appeared on the screen.

When we got home on Sunday, our friends asked if we would be interested in going to the zoo.  Of course we said yes and had a great time enjoying the nice weather.

When we got home from the zoo, we spent some time working in the back yard.  We have a gumball tree in our backyard that causes a lot of extra work when it comes to mowing the grass, as we have to pick up all the gumballs first.  Littlecjc decided that they were actually sea urchins and she was almost helpful.

Hello Monday
Here's your look at my week.

It's your pretty basic week, with some Easter activities happening over the weekend.

Goodbye Whole30?
Thursday is day 30 of my whole30 journey.  However, to truly complete the challenge, I need to follow a reintroduction period, where I gradually introduce the banned foods to see how my body reacts to those foods.  In order to see how each food affects the body, after eating a certain type of food, I'm suppose to go back to only the whole30 approved meals for 2-3 days.  Part of me wants nothing to do with this process so that I can eat whatever I want starting on Friday, but then I also figure if I made it all through the 30 days, I should take advantage of that feat and complete the reintroduction period as well.  Although this is probably not the intention of the inventors of whole30, they do not have a reintroduction day for sugar and I intend on taking advantage of that with some candy, cookies, or something.

Hello Meal Pan
So what's on the table this week? Well, I'm still a little undecided about tonight, since we didn't get to make our Ratatouille last night, I'm debating making it tonight.
Tuesday - garlic margherita chicken
Wednesday - stuffed pepper
Thursday - pork chops
Friday - *reintroduction of legumes* spaghetti squash lo mein, probably some peanut butter over an apple with breakfast, and maybe some black beans with lunch
Saturday - taco potato
Sunday - big family lunch for Easter and leftovers for dinner

Hello New Binges
Although I'm still working my way through Gossip Girl, Patrick started watching the old 90s Power Rangers show in preparation for the new movie, and now Littlcjc is hooked.  She's going around the house singing "Go Go Power Rangers."  As much as I  don't really care for the show, we seem to be watching a lot of it.

Hello Disney Trip Reviews
In case you missed it this past Friday, I have finally started to post my trip review from our past October Disney trip.  I will be posting a new day's review for the next several Fridays, so be sure to check back each week.

Hello Easter Egg Hunts
This coming weekend, we will probably go to at least one community Easter egg hunt, and my family is having an egg hunt at our Easter gathering.  I love spending time with my family, so I'm really looking forward to next Sunday.

I think that's it for this week.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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