Monday, April 10, 2017

Hello Monday

Weekend Update

Last week/weekend, was so great!  First, my final day of Whole30 was Thursday, yay!  I was so proud of myself for finishing this, but I really have mixed feelings about the program.  Yes, I lost 7lbs, 2 inches around my waist, and I definitely feel better in my clothes.  However, I didn't notice any of the other benefits that I hear so many others talk about.  In fact, instead of boundless energy, I found myself very grumpy and easily agitated the closer I got to the finish line.  So, of course, I was quick to reintroduce sugar and I feel like I ate everything at my family's Easter celebration yesterday, which obviously wasn't great.  However, I have been trying to avoid dairy and gluten still.  Friday I reintroduced legumes and didn't notice anything, and today is non-gluten grains, so let's hope I don't notice any problems today either.

Easter Fun
On Saturday, Littlecjc went to her first Easter egg hunt this year.    We took her to the Nut Club egg hunt.  This egg hunt is pretty massive, with 12,000 eggs just scattered on a field, lasting less than a minute before all the eggs have been collected.  She knew what was expected and what was waiting for her inside those eggs.  She was so excited she claimed a spot right along the tape just waiting for the big countdown.

At the end of this huge hunt, she had six eggs.  This egg hunt is fun, too, because before the 30 second egg hunt,, the Easter Bunny and other characters all roam around the perimeter greeting the kids and taking pictures together.

Littlecjc's take away from this interaction with the Easter bunny was that his belly and ears were soft but his eyes and teeth were bumpy.  I guess he must have bumped her head with his teeth when he picked her up.

On Sunday, the Easter fun continued with a family celebration at my Aunt's house.  Littlecjc and I wore our new matching Mom and me Lularoe dresses.  She thought it was so fun to be "twinsies" with mom.

We had an egg hunt here as well, with a lot less kids though.  Littlecjc really had this egg hunt thing down by now and took off running as soon as she heard "go."

She lasted about 3 or 4 eggs over in the small kids area before she took off running down the driveway to the hill where the big kids were hunting.

I was impressed though, even with the big kids she did great.  Of course, the big kids were super nice to her, but she still held her own pretty good, too.

When the eggs were all gone in the big kids section, she came back to the young kids area to clean up what hadn't been picked up there yet.  This must be the perfect age for this, because she definitely was into the hunt more than any of the other kids there, both younger and older than her.  She actually filled her basket before all the eggs were picked up and switched it out for a big empty sack to continue to pick up more.

No Easter celebration is complete, without a family picture, and this year was no different.  Here's my amazing family!

 Hello Monday
Here's your peek at this week.  It's another double feature week with Monsters, Inc, and Monsters University.  You'll also notice a few more Easter festivities this coming weekend.

Hello Insanity Max 30, Month 2
Today starts the second month of Insanity Max 30.  Wish me luck on my two weeks of these max out workouts.

Hello Meal Plan
I made plans for this week, but I'm pretty sure I'll be changing them up as I'm finishing my Whole30 journey and prioritizing what foods I most what.  At the least, I can say I won't be trying any new recipes so I guess it's okay that I don't have the details now.  I do know tonight I will be eating some rice and some corn chips are in my plans for lunch.  Thursday will be something cheesy, probably a glass of milk with breakfast, and definitely some ice cream.  Next Sunday, will be a gloriously bread filled day, starting with donuts and waffles and who knows what else.

Hello New Book
I've been trying to read one book a week, but I'm starting to fall behind.  I still need to finish Voyager and Beautiful Ruins.  I'm a lot closer on Beautiful Ruins, so hopefully I'll finish that today and see what's available for me to pick up to continue the week out.  I know I have a few children's books on my list for this year, so I'm not too concerned yet as I know I'll catch up some when I get to reading those.

Hello New Show
I'm not sure how Patrick heard about this show, but we have started watching a Netflix original called The Killing.  There are already 4 seasons out and we have made it through probably 10 episodes of the first season.  This show follows a detective dealing with life while trying to solve a homicide case.  I'm intrigued to see how many twists and turns the show takes before the case is solved, or if maybe there's a new case each season or something.  Either way, we've really been enjoying it so far.  If you're interested in crime/mystery shows, you should totally give this show a try.

I think that's all for today.

Happy Monday everyone!

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