Thursday, May 25, 2017

Wreck it Ralph

Disney Dinners finally made a comeback a few weeks ago with none other than Wreck it Ralph!  We the actually did more of a rolling theme over the week.  The first night, we had the themed dinner.  I made meatloaf cupcakes (mashed potato frosting) and cyborg eggs (brussels sprouts.)

The next day, Littlecjc and I snacked on our Pac-Man cherry gummy snacks that I just happened to come across while at the store.  These were so good, poor Patrick missed out.

Finally, a few nights later we made our candy cars.  Littlecjc had so much fun doing this, even if she didn't quite have it all figured out.  She mostly followed our leads and even asked for a lot of help getting everything done, but she still thought it was great!  And she was so proud of the finished products.  I found chocolate covered twinkies that we used as our car base.  For our additions, we had what was left of Littlecjc's Easter candy, marshmellows, pink ice cream cones and a snack bag mix I found that contained chocolate wafers, mini oreos, and m&m type candies.  As you can see, we then used peanut butter to hold it all together.

This was definitely the most tasty movie night activity we've had so far, and it was a great way to bring back the fun.

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