Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Weekend Recap

Since it's already Tuesday and I missed my typical Hello Monday post, here's our weekend recap.

Weekend Recap

We started our weekend by going out to dinner with some friends.  They have two sweet boys ages 6 and 1.  It's always fun getting together and watching the kids interact.  This time around, their older boy was trying to teach Littlecjc how to play tic-tac-toe.  She really wasn't getting it, but it was fun watching his attempts to teach her.

We debated heading to St. Louis for a day trip on Saturday, but we were unsure about the weather.  There was a lot of talk of possible severe storms, so we decided to just stay in town.  However, that didn't mean we did nothing all day.  Quite the opposite actually.  We started the day at our local zoo.

After leaving the zoo, we left for lunch and had some water fun at home.

Not wanting to end the fun there, we went out again, this time for some putt-putt and time on the playground.

Saturday was so much fun!  On Sunday, we started our day with church, where Littlecjc moved up from the toddler room to the preschool class.  She was so excited and seemed to have a lot of fun.  After resting up from our busy day before, we headed out to my parent's boat club.  The Ohio River is still way too high for my parents to get their boat out, but their camper is already at the boat club and they were camping out and offered for Littlecjc to spend the night with them, allowing Patrick and me a date night.  We went to Logan's for dinner and then to the movies to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales.  I really liked this movie and how it tied everything together.

On Monday, we spent a few hours at the boat club while picking up Littlecjc and then went out to buy a new grill.  Littlecjc spent a little more time playing in her sprinkler and baby pool and Patrick grilled out on his new purchase.

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