Monday, July 18, 2016

Hello Monday

Hello Again!  I'm at it again, with a new plan of action for posting more often.  Be prepared for a bit of a Disney World overload in my next several posts.  But for now, it's time to say Hello and see what's going on.

Hello Family
This week, I plan on spending some quality time with my family.  My mom is on shutdown this week from work, so I plan on trying to spend some extra time with her.  My mother-in-law and cousin have also decided to come to town for a few days before school starts and she returns back to work so I plan on spending all my free time with them the next few days.  This of course means actually cooking real meals which is something I need to get back to anyways.  So with that...

Hello Cooking
Every so often, I decide that I need to start planning my meals and I have all these great ideas about everything I'm going to do to make this happen.  The problem is sticking to it, and actually getting everything going.  So, I'm at it again this week.  Yes, I already know that there are going to be changes, since we have family coming in and we will probably be splitting evenings between our house and our sisters since the family is actually staying with her.

Hello Netflix
Patrick and I have been binge watching NCIS.  His sister has watched the show for years.  She used to get a new season on DVD every year for Christmas.  So, we had seen many random episodes, but a while back we gave in and started at the beginning.  I've also been slowly working my way through Grey's Anatomy.  I missed the last season or two, so I decided to just start over again.  As for LittleCJC, she has recently discovered a new show that she calls trucks, also known as Bob the Builder.  I'm not super excited about this new choice, but it does bring back memories as this was a show my brother used to enjoy.

Hello Books
I think I mentioned my reading goals in my last Hello post, so here's what's going on this week.  I recently finished the first book from the Kingdom Keepers series, so this week I need to finish the second book, Kingdom Keepers II: Disney at Dawn.  I've also just started listening to The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, so hopefully I can make some progress on this book as well this week.

Hello Disney Blog
As I said earlier, plan on an overload of Disney World posts.  We've been back from Disney for over a month now and I haven't written one post about it.  We recently just booked our next trip and in my planning for that trip, I started looking back at our last trip and thought I would share what I remember here so that I can look back whenever I want and hopefully I can help someone out at the same time.

With that being said, look forward to my next post about our first day at Disney!

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