Monday, April 4, 2016

Alice in Wonderland

Disney Dinner Night - Week #7 Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

This past week, we quickly decided on our Disney movie after Littlecjc received a tea set from Grandma for Easter.  I was sick for most of the week and our weekend was pretty busy so even though I thought I had planned for this week, I felt rushed to get it all going and we ended up eating pretty late.  Because of this, I ended up not decorating like I originally thought about, and the only activity that took place, was the tea party that Littlecjc had with her balloon dogs (from the clowns at our Easter picnic lunch.)  Thank goodness for this fun, since I needed the time to get dinner done.

I knew I needed cookies for this week, so I brightly decided Friday night to attempt these fancy cookies that my mom makes all the time but that I had never made.  These were actually fun to make, but also very time consuming.  I'm sure it would get easier with practice, but what took the longest amount of time was the drying time needed between steps, which unfortunately can't be changed, regardless of practice.  At any rate, I was happy with how they ended up!

Another advantage of these dinner nights is that I usually end up trying new recipes.  Sometimes they're amazing and sometimes they're just okay.  This week probably feel in the second category, but it was still nice to have something different.  There are so many food options available for this movie, that it was kind of difficult to decide what to make.  We ended up with chicken covered in a mushroom sauce, which was good, but not amazing.  Probably not a repeat recipe for us.  I intended to have those smiley pre-packed potatoes, but I couldn't find them at the stores.  I guess they no longer sell those in my area at least.  Luckily, I found this homemade recipe here on pinterest that I used as inspiration to make my own.  These were probably my favorite part of the actual meal.  We also painted the roses red with my attempt of the puff pastry, apple rose that has been floating around Facebook lately.  It was fun and pretty, but not amazing, so again I don't think we will repeat it unless we're specifically looking for a rose dessert again.  It wasn't until we were watching the movie that I realized I forgot the buttered bread butterflies I was going to make.  Oops.

For our snack with the movie, I of course had to make these edible tea cups that I saw awhile back, again on pinterest.  These were easy and Littlecjc loved it, even if she didn't eat the tea cup.  Her face was pretty priceless though when she saw me take a bite of mine.

She did love the chocolate that I put inside the tea cup though!  She also gave me a heart attack when she first picked her cup up by the handle.  Royal icing for the win.  It held the handle on all evening, I was really surprised.

I also couldn't resist using my favorite coffee mug tonight.  I can't believe I took this picture without turning my mug around since it's the other side I love.  It states "We're all mad here."

I was so happy, and actually surprised that Littlecjc loved this movie.  She was so glued to it, that for the first 20 minutes, she just held onto her cookie without eating it while watching the movie.  As I stated, this turned into a late evening after a very busy day, so both Patrick and I ended up falling asleep during the movie, but not Littlecjc.  I woke up to the credits and "again."  She did not get it again, but instead got put to bed.  

Stay tuned to see what movie we tackle next week.


  1. great cookies! those turned out much better than mine did! :)